Boston in Summer

Episode 3: Bostonian Adventures

After the other shenanigans, Arthur asks for an audience with the PCs. He asks them for their help and gives them writs of safe passage. They elect to work with the king to break up pockets of resistance within the city. The PCs, Kay, and Ector head off to the North End. As they approach pocket one, they are shot at by a rooftop sniper. After some heated discussion the sniper calls up his leader and they parlay in the street with a half-dozen assorted gangsters. Scott, the group’s apparent leader, admits that all they want is their freedom and a bit of space for themselves. The group agrees to speak to Arthur about trading the gangers’ guarantee of peace for safety and food, thus integrating them into the feudal system.

The second pocket was a nightclub in present Boston and is now a bar. A voice warns them that it won’t invite them in, but they go in anyways, meeting three White Court vampires who immediately work on seducing them. It almost works – Aeryn, Rygel, and eventually Kay are overcome with lust while D’Argo starts drinking. Aeryn eventually breaks out and shouts loud enough for everyone to back off. They almost trade Kay for freedom, but finally decide just to send some lowlifes this way and hope the vampires keep to themselves.

Finally, they head over to the site of the Prudential tower, now a guild HQ. They approach peacefully. Crichton dodges a crossbow bolt from the second floor, then goes inside to reveal a bunch of writing desks and a pissed-off Gruff. A fight ensues, and two more Gruffs descend from floors above. Eventually the party kills two of the Gruffs, frightens the third into running away, then Crichton encases it in crushing earth until it concedes and he acquires a pet goat-man.


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