Boston in Summer

Episode 6: Summertime

The crew walks through Summer following the lead of the two faeries. They take off into the palace-city that appears before them. The group wanders in, asking Toot where they can find somewhere to drink. He leads them to a glade with a bar and a fountain. D’Argo gets tar and Guinness, Aeryn gets dandelion wine, and Crichton orders “something light and strong” which comes in a tiny bottle, milky white, bitter and flowery. Then they discover hot springs nearby, which they take advantage of.

Crichton meets a half-faerie woman in a pool. She immediately dunks him in the pool with force magic for his forwardness. As they speak, he begins to get dizzy, tired, then falls facefirst into the pool which she’s superheated with her magic, whacked out on the opiates in the stuff he drank. Aeryn shows up first, pointing her pistol at the faerie. She throws Aeryn in the pool as well. Aeryn heroically saves Crichton and yells for D’Argo. D’Argo shows up and a standoff commences. Then Harry and Molly arrive, confused, and Harry recognizes Faelyn. They talk it all out and calm it down. Faelyn agrees to introduce them all to Lily.

The group heads into the palace and is escorted to a sitting room with Fix and Lily. They discuss for a little while after introductions, dancing around, until Harry finally groans and realizes they have to go at the topic obliquely to dodge a mental block. They speak “hypotheticals” for a while, asserting that to move cities, one would need to use either blood magic with thousands of deaths, or enlist the help of outsiders. Then they move on to speak of Titania, who no one has seen in the last month apparently. Finally, they ask Lily where in Faerie they should go next. She recommends that they see the Stone Table while it’s still in Summer. As they turn to leave, Lily tells Faelyn that she should accompany Harry and the crew on their assorted quests. She does so grudgingly. After a coin flip, where Crichton cheats like a bitch and makes it come up tails, the group decides to acquire some wizardly backup first.

The group borrows horses and rides out towards the Table – Crichton basically thrown across his horse on his stomach – until they get close, the great hill ahead of them. Then Harry runs face first into a previously invisible barrier, which glows and pulses gold at the impact. Carlos Ramirez, having come along with two other Wardens, fires an entropy ray at the barrier, which throws him back twenty feet and doesn’t break the barrier. They discuss their options, at which time first a half dozen, then a full dozen riders on black horses pound over the crest of the hill.

Most of the gang takes cover behind a berm Crichton had erected from which to view the entropy blast. Carlos and the Wardens flank right and establish their own force shield. Faelyn stands front as bait. Aeryn, Crichton, and Harry rain fire on the riders as they approach, and the Wardens throw entropy, ice, and stone as well. First contact is met with more fire, gaping pits in the earth, bolts of black lightning, and Crichton nearly shooting Faelyn in the back. Valiant fighting ensues, Aeryn headshots a few, Faelyn rips men from their horses and beats them up, D’Argo bears out as usual. One of the Wardens is slain in combat, the other bleeding heavily by the end. Before the last man falls, he throws his sword in the air, firing black force at it to reflect out in many directions, striking Harry, D’Argo, and Aeryn with great force, before felling the man himself.

Faelyn searches the bodies, finding a small bronze badge in a vaguely heart-shaped design. She pockets it against Harry’s advice. Seeing no other options, the group heads back to the Council HQ, where they head first to the medic’s station for repairs, then are given barracks to rest in as they devise new plans.


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