Boston in Summer

Episode 8: The Battle of Carlin

Part 2
Gawain stays behind to defend the bridge. The party regroups with Arthur, Merlin, and a few of the Knights to discuss the next move. With no help expected from outside forces Arthur is asked to leave the city for his own safety. He struggles against the idea, but Merlin and Kay force it on him and the others generally agree. Kay tracks down Simeon the armourer and sets him to building ballistae to defend the northern wall. A plan is devised wherein Faelyn will make a simulacrum of Arthur and a few others and send them across the eastern bridge, then south. As they cross the bridge, a force of two thousand or so knights and footmen exits through the southeastern gate, while Crichton, D’Argo, about a hundred Bostonians with firearms, and a handful of footmen rappel down the southwestern wall. The few faeries to the south are thus split in two, the larger force trapped along a small bridge between Crichton/D’Argo and the main force, and a smaller group to the west. Crichton and D’Argo concentrate on the western faeries first, moving the footmen east to trap the easterners on the bridge while firing on the western group. The faeries are quickly overwhelmed and break to run after their lieutenants are killed. The cavalry bash the faeries back onto the bridge, taking heavy casualties before the footmen can move into place. Aeryn snipes and directs the fight from above, commanding the forces and bolstering morale. While this happens Arthur’s bodyguard exits the gate and swings east around the fighting before breaking south to safety. Crashing sounds to the west herald the coming of one of the giant ogres. Rygel infiltrates the faerie force on the bridge, talking his way right up to the captain of the unit. The ogre smashes into the Boston line, killing dozens. Crichton opens up a great crack in the earth in front of it, into which it trips and falls, hauling itself up on the other side. D’Argo and the ogre fight for a bit, until he bum-rushes the ogre back into the pit, capping it off with a grenade and burying its mangled body in the remnants of the explosion. The fighting continues to the west until the bridge, weakened by fiery assaults, collapses into the river and scatters the faeries.

Part 3
Once again the party regroups in the keep, their numbers now reduced to just Merlin, Bedevere, and the party. They divide the remaining humans into three groups. Mark takes the archers and siege gunners to defend the wall and direct the battle. The bulk of the army is made into a reserve unit, holed up in the northeast of the city until called for. The rest are set to follow D’Argo out the western gate. The attack force exits and goes north to a ford across the small river, where they meet a group of gnomish creatures. They trade blows as the attack force crosses. Reinforcements quickly come in from the faerie camps to meet the assault. Once they engage, Crichton and a large chunk of the reserves set out from the northwest gate, splitting the faeries and holding them on two fronts, one of which sandwiches the faeries between Crichton and D’Argo. Mark orders the ballistae to retrain on the other front and attack the massed faeries enfilade. A strange melody is heard on the air, which seems to prompt the western faeries to regroup and fall back, meeting more reinforcements and making a coherent defensive line to the west. The last two commanders appear – a satyr wielding bamboo pipes, and a gigantic centaur with an ash shortbow and bronze barding. The satyr plays his pipes and locks Crichton’s unit in stasis briefly before Mark breaks the spell. D’Argo bashes his way through the faerie line to attack the satyr, even as the humans break apart and finally retreat to the walls. While D’Argo charges the satyr, fighting off waves of fear and anxiety, Crichton fireblasts the whole area, and a bad day is had by all nearby. Meanwhile, the centaur’s guard engages cavalry units sweeping out of the city to the north, while the centaur himself leaps onto the walls and attacks the ballista crews. The great ogre is surrounded by emerging footmen and held in place. Aeryn rushes back inside and fireballs the centaur, taunting him into single combat. Calling himself Ixion, he duels with her, having much the better of it, until she pours her strength into a mighty fireburst that takes him full on and forces him to retreat. He jumps over the wall and into the river, breaking his hold over his troops. They lose cohesion and disperse. D’Argo and Crichton beat on the satyr until he, too, blinks away into the woods and retreats. The ogre eventually falls to the death of a thousand cuts. With the full force of the army now in one place, the remaining faeries are pushed back and defeated.


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