Aeryn Sun

Lifelong soldier and fire-slinger.


Current FP 3
Refresh 2


Mild -2:
Moderate -4:
Severe -6:

Channeling (Fire) -2: Use Fire evocations. +2 focus slots.

Target Rich Environment (Guns): +1 Guns when personally outnumbered in combat
Lethal Weapon (Fists): Fists are Weapon:2
Step Into the Blow (Fists): When defending with Fists in melee and failing, skip next action to counter-attack with Fists +1
Unshakable (Discipline): Opponents tagging your temporary Aspects only gain +1, or if they re-roll you may freeze one of their dice

(2) Vinyl gloves – +2 control for Fire evocations

Blast (Fire) – Weapon:4 attack versus Athletics against one target. Costs one mental stress.

+5: Guns
+4: Athletics, Conviction
+3: Discipline , Fists
+2: Alertness, Endurance, Intimidation, Stealth
+1: Investigation, Lore, Presence, Survival

Other Stuff
S&W 1006 pistol in 10mm Auto – Weapon:2
Kevlar and ceramic plate armored recon jumpsuit – Armor:2

Payment from Mark – fancy $2500 Springfield assault rifle, not yet provided.


High Concept: Fiery Freedom Fighter
Aeryn is a military brat through and through. She was born on base to a military family and never wanted to do anything else. Her first word was Daddy, but her second was pistol. Somewhere along the line, though, she learned that orders are not always the morally right course of action. She will fight to the death for her friends, for her fellow soldiers, and for any cause that she believes in and she’ll fight with frightening skill.
Invoke to fight for the moral right, defend allies, use fire.
Compel to jump into the fray to defend others, shoot first and question later.

Trouble: Soldier First, Person Second
Decades of training, conditioning, and duty have ingrained the military ethos into Aeryn’s mind. She thrives on challenge and refuses to admit defeat. Even with the strength of her convictions it’s difficult for her to question orders from authority figures. She will regularly choose duty over friendship. She’s frighteningly capable of shutting off all emotions in order to Charlie-Mike with maximum efficiency.
Invoke to endure hardships, command others, control her emotions.
Compel to follow unpleasant orders, sacrifice self for others, stubbornly defend her country and military.

Not So Few, Still Proud
From birth Aeryn has been surrounded by a large number of siblings, and an even larger number of siblings-in-arms. Her father and mother were both soldiers, and their fathers and mothers before them, yea unto the fifth generation (more or less). She has hundreds of comrades with ties as close as blood, and any one of them would put their life on the line for her, as she would for them.
Invoke to call on family or fellow soldiers for help.
Compel to be called on for help by family or soldiers.

Army Strong
A Brownie at 6, Girl Scout at 14, enlisted at 17 (with a little creative mathematics), Aeryn’s skills are formidable. She can shoot a bottle cap at fifty paces. She runs marathons regularly. She’s got a mean right cross and can throw men three times her size. She’s trained in the operation of every personnel weapon currently used by the US military and more than a few obsolete, foreign, or prototype weapons as well.
Invoke to use military or survival skills.
Compel to refuse to concede or admit defeat.

Conscientious Objector
During a joint US-Russian deployment in the Ukraine intended to suppress a growing rebellion, Aeryn’s squadron was ambushed by rebels and broken. Among the many casualties and runaways Aeryn alone was taken prisoner with a well-placed sleeper hold. During her brief imprisonment she saw the awful conditions in which the rebels lived, their forced starvation, and the brutality of the “peacekeeping” troops stationed in the area. When rescue forces came they stormed the compound and captured most of the rebel officers. Inevitably they were sentenced to death. On the morning of their execution Aeryn shouted her way past the gate guards and confronted the American commander, desperately trying to spare the rebels’ lives. For her efforts she was thrown in the brig again, shipped back to Leavenworth, and nearly discharged but thanks to strong lobbying from former COs “encouraged” to take a few years’ leave.
Invoke to stand up to intimidation, convince others not to fight.
Compel to refuse to fight, search for the nonviolent option, defy authority.

Bullies suck!

Invoke to Fight against bullies or oppressors
Compel to Fight a loosing battle for the little guy

Burned by the ones you love

Distrust gov’t /authority figures
Compel to trust known shady figures

Aeryn Sun

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