Half-faerie, half-mad, all woman.


Current FP 2
Refresh 2


Mild -2:
Moderate -4:
Severe -6:

Seelie Magic -4: Use evocation and thaumaturgy, limited to the domains (wildness, birth, growth, renewal, fire, light, biomancy) and interests of Summer. Your biomancy is performed with evocation’s methods and speed. Your magic partially satisfies any Catch on a Winter faerie’s abilities, treating them as one level lower. You may add a point of Debt to invoke an Aspect without using a fate point, which will later allow the Summer Court to compel you.
(Current Debt: 0)
Glamours -2: You may draw a veil over something up to the size of a few people or a small car. Use Deceit or Discipline to oppose efforts to notice the veil. Even if defeated, the veil is not dissipated, but the opponent will notice something unusual. You may also cause yourself, or other people or objects that are bonded or owned by you, to appear as something other than what they are. Similarly, use Deceit or Discipline to oppose your illusion.

Foci: none
Rotes: none

+4: Athletics, Weapons
+3: Burglary, Conviction, Discipline
+2: Alertness, Deceit, Endurance, Stealth
+1: Contacts, Empathy, Performance, Presence, Rapport

Other Stuff
Obsidian knife Weapon:1
Stone and crystal dueling sword Weapon:2
Leather and faerie-woven reed armor Armor:1

none yet


High Concept: Sun-Kissed Harlequin
Chiana’s Summer heritage is almost blindingly obvious. She’s long-limbed, willowy, beautiful, absurdly energetic, and moderately insane. She can’t sit still for more than thirty seconds. She lives and laughs and loves and then moves on to spread her chaotic energy somewhere else. Serious introspection, delayed gratification, long-term planning, are all anathema to her.
Invoke to brighten someone’s spirits, be the center of attention, be generally attractive to others and/or seduce effectively.
Compel to utterly fail to blend in, act impatiently or impetuously, indulge in worldly pleasures.

Trouble: A Bit Unbalanced
Torn as she is between two different worlds, it’s no surprise that her mind isn’t quite the human norm. Take your average woman, add the grace and poise of Titania, the joyful ramblings of a kitten, and the pointless wanderings of a mayfly, and you’ll be coming close. She jumps from one emotion to the next with nary a pause or a warning and changes goals like most people change shirts. Bipolar doesn’t even touch it.
Invoke to misrepresent herself or impersonate another, find untapped reserves of energy.
Compel to cause inappropriate outbursts, become depressed, deviate from or abandon plans, switch sides when the bad guy says join me and we shall rule the world.

Itinerant Jongleur
As a child Chiana’s independent mind contrasted strongly with the straight-laced, repressive society in which she lived. Rather than conform she took up with groups of travelers, seeing the world, meeting people, learning new skills.
Invoke to make a strong first impression, use a half-remembered skill from long ago, entertain strangers.
Compel to run from serious challenges (especially social ones), become irritated by conformists or social mandates, fail at basic etiquette.

A Motley Crew
Finally tired of the traveling life, she returned home to find nothing changed. She quickly found others as frustrated with the stale society as she was a band of revolutionaries, anarchists, doers of deeds and singers of songs. They lived in the shadows, alternately doing performance art and culture-jamming escapades, and blowing up symbols of tyranny like airports and hospitals.
Invoke to fight effectively while outnumbered, use guerrilla tactics, act or perform artistically.
Compel to rebel against persons in power, fall in with thieves and criminals.

While she and her crew were stealing cash from a tax office, an agent of the government managed to plant a bug in Chiana’s clothing unnoticed. Within two hours a full company of soldiers descended upon their base of operations. They arrested most of the group (with unavoidable losses, of course), chaining them all together. Before marching them back to be imprisoned, the captain unbound Chiana and personally thanked her for leading their forces to the rebels. Horrified, she fled, now a fugitive both from the government and from her own companions.
Invoke to fight those who’ve captured her or allies.
Compel to be tailed or traced back to allies, be framed or suspected of others’ actions.

Aspect 4

Invoke to
Compel to

Aspect 5

Invoke to
Compel to


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