Coda of Eastmarch

Elegant, eloquent, and as dangerous with a sword as with his tongue.


Current FP 1
Refresh 1


Mild -2:
Moderate -4:
Severe -6:

Incite Emotion -4 (euphoria or apathy, at range, lasting): Maneuver, block, or attack based on emotion, using Deceit +2 versus the target’s Discipline. Attacks are treated as Weapon:2 mental attacks.
The Sight with Soulgaze -1: +1 Lore when used as arcane perception. You may open your third eye, and you are subject to soulgazes.

Stay Close and Keep Quiet -1 (Stealth): You can use your Stealth to modify others when they are near you and following your instructions, thus giving them a +1. If they disobey you or move away they lose this bonus.
Juggler -1 (Weapons): You can use Weapons to perform by juggling instead of Performance. You can also defend against thrown objects using Weapons, and if you succeed you catch the item out of the air.
Read the Surface -1 (Empathy): Your first social read on another person takes less than a minute, instead of the usual ten minutes.

+4: Deceit, Weapons
+3: Empathy, Performance, Stealth
+2: Alertness, Athletics, Discipline, Lore
+1: Conviction, Endurance, Presence, Rapport, Scholarship

Other Stuff
Bronze rapier, Weapon:2
Leather and ironwood armour with ironwood bracers, Armour:2
Bone throwing darts, Weapon:1
Juggling balls



High Concept: Dancing Lord of Summer
Coda is every inch the Summer noble. Whether walking casually, performing on a stage, or fighting to the death, he moves with the grace and ease of dandelion fluff in a gentle breeze.
Invoke to move gracefully, act quickly, speak eloquently
Compel to choose finesse or subtlety over direct action

Trouble: Perpetually Indebted to the Summer Lady
Every time he clears his name, Coda manages to get caught again, and each time he’s really in it the Summer Lady seems to arrive just in time to bail him out. Whether through genuine gratitude or social obligation, the bond between the two is unbreakable.
Invoke to call in favours from the Summer Lady, use the Lady’s influence to positive effect
Compel to have a favour called in by the Summer Lady or her agents, be recognized as the Lady’s servant by enemies

All My Skill Points in Bluff
Youth in the Faerie courts is a dangerous time. While faeries can’t lie, their skill at avoiding the truth and implying other things is remarkable. Coda learned quickly, in the sink-or-swim sort of way.
Invoke to deceive others, imply untruths, deal socially with faeries / nobles / authority figures
Compel to get caught lying, be cornered into stating the truth directly

There’s Always a Way In
Though a minor noble Coda quickly discovered that he could extend his influence by gathering information no one else could. To that end, he developed his skills of infiltration and thievery and honed them to perfection.
Invoke to infiltrate, case buildings, search or ransack areas, create disguises
Compel to suggest infiltration even when it’s a terrible idea, have a reputation as a thief and burglar

Liberalis Circulum
After the fifth or sixth time Aurora bailed out Coda, she sent him off to a “retreat” of sorts with what turned out to be a group of faerie assassins. Here he trained his mind – learning discipline techniques and the Sight – and his body – gaining skills in swordplay, acrobatics, and sleight of hand.
Invoke to steel his mind, make sense of the Sight or soulgazes, fight acrobatically, pick pockets or other sleight of hand tricks
Compel to use the Sight lightly or against an obviously horrifying target, refuse to do things against his training

Take Command with Fozhug
When a minor war broke out between Faerie factions, Coda leveraged his training and vocal skills into creating his own small army, with the brutish Fozhug as his right-hand man. Coda’s quick thinking and Fozhug’s brute strength combined created a deadly efficient leadership and the war was quickly settled in their favour.
Invoke to establish authority over confused situations, command others effectively
Compel to show no mercy or quarter or compassion, try to take command for himself

Invisible War with Holly
On a particularly difficult info-gathering mission Coda called up a sprite to help in the mission, which turned out to be Holly, and the two suddenly found themselves in a very effective partnership. Despite being faced with a literal fortress on full alert, under cover of night the two managed to slip inside. Holly ranged ahead as scout and door-opener, Coda handled the few social incidents and grabbing the actual MacGuffin. Their success proved the downfall of a powerful Faerie faction and ended in the execution of its leader.
Invoke to coordinate a group of infiltrators, brush off curious guards or interlopers, ambush targets
Compel to run off to infiltrate a place before consulting allies, be assigned the most impossible jobs, force others to wait for perfect conditions even when haste is important

Coda of Eastmarch

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