A Seelie changeling living and learning in the Summer Court.


Current FP 2
Refresh 2


Mild -2:
Moderate -4:
Severe -6:

Seelie Magic [-4]: Cast spells associated with life, growth, expansion, change, fire, water, light, plants, and so on. Use thaumaturgy with evocation’s methods and speed.
Marked by Power [-1]: Supernatural creatures recognize you as one of the Summer Lady’s charges. +1 to all social skills when dealing with beings in the magical community. You must actively suppress the mark with Deceit or Stealth if you do not wish to be recognized.
Psychometry [-1]: When you touch an object, you can use Investigation to search through its past and gain information about its possessors and situations it’s been in. Minimum of +3 to succeed. Unless you roll very high, you are likely to get only flashes and minor clues, possibly creating Aspects to tag later on further investigations.

Redirected Force [Fists, -1]: On a successful melee defense using Fists, you can sacrifice your next action to apply a temporary Aspect to your opponent, as if you’d made a successful maneuver against them.

+4: Investigation, Athletics
+3: Conviction, Discipline, Fists
+2: Alertness, Deceit, Lore, Scholarship
+1: Empathy, Endurance, Guns, Presence, Rapport

Other Stuff
Leather and bone armor – Armor:1
Ruger Vaquero revolver in .357 Magnum – Weapon:2



HC: Summer Lady’s Semi-Mortal Exchange Student
Faelyn has found herself in a unique position, as the personal student of the Summer Lady, Lily. She’s still part mortal, and nearly a stranger to the Summer Court, but this gives her some power of position and demands a measure of respect from the other faeries – at least to her face. Her proximity to the Summer Lady means she’s privy to many things that other faeries only speculate about. On top of that, Lily is an excellent teacher, and Faelyn an excellent student, so she’s learning much about politics, history, etiquette, and of course magic.
Invoke to
Compel to

TR: I Wonder What the Red Button Does?
Between her natural curiosity and her urge for change and novelty, Faelyn can’t resist exploring each and every new option that presents itself. She’s the type which, if told “don’t ask Jim about his ex-wife,” will not only ask Jim about his ex-wife, but will start by Googling her, asking Jim’s best friend, and if at all possible contacting the ex-wife for her side of the story. To be fair, you learn much more and more quickly by the direct route. The consequences, however, aren’t always what she expects.
Invoke to gain extra information when attacking problems head-on, find the big red button.
Compel to do what she’s told not to do, satisfy her curiosity despite the consequences, have innocuous investigations turn complicated.

A1: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Faelyn’s father was a mortal of minor talent, having discovered the ability to sense and speak with faeries and eventually to open a small gateway for himself to travel to Faerie. He found himself in Summer and was quickly ensnared by a minor noblewoman as her mortal pet and plaything. He traveled between the two worlds for a time, but eventually the lure of Faerie and his mistress was too great and he stayed in Summer permanently. Faelyn was born in Summer, but upon her birth Aurora ordered that both she and her father be returned to the mortal world until she came of age. It was done, but at a price: her father committed suicide before her second birthday. Faelyn lived in various foster homes until her teenage years, haunted by visions and nightmares of the Summer Court, her mother, and her father’s madness and death.
Invoke to learn things about Faerie or herself in dreams and visions, read meaning in the dreams or stories (or other creative works) of others.
Compel to have nightmares, flashbacks, feelings of abandonment, or daddy issues.

A2: Wanderlust
Without her father, Faelyn had no link to Faerie, no one to tell her that she was more than human, and certainly no one to teach her how to use the psychometric abilities she began to manifest. As she hit high school she took up dozens of activities to fill the void – martial arts, music, assorted studies of histories and languages, psychology, Wicca, target shooting, yadda, yadda, yadda. She was particularly interested in the things that taught her either how to control her chaotic mind, or how to understand the masses of people with whom she felt she had little in common. She also took every opportunity to travel, taking class trips to Europe and South America, three weeks building homes in Uganda, and a brief stint in South Korea with one expat foster family. None of it seemed to quiet the fire in her soul.
Invoke to gain a minor advantage from nearly-forgotten studies or memories, make a good first impression to a group to which she’d otherwise be “foreign” or “other.”
Compel to choose action over sitting still, have an unquiet mind, resist making an emotional connection.

A3: My Most Faithful Student
At sixteen, Faelyn’s life changed with two great events. First, she successfully campaigned to be declared an emancipated minor. And second, as the sun set one summer night, the new Summer Lady, Lily, along with her mother, stepped out of a gateway right in front of her. They brought her through to Faerie, explaining the circumstances of her birth and how Aurora’s death had ended the decree keeping her out of Summer. She threw herself into the Summer Court, reveling in her curiosity, and finally feeling as if she belonged somewhere. After a few months she begged to become Lily’s own servant and student. Lily assented, and ever since she has directed Faelyn’s studies, sponsoring her magical powers, and giving her a privileged position in the Court – bringing with it both friends and enemies.
Invoke to know the ins and outs of both Faerie courts, to know any relevant history or politics, to have personal relationships with Summer nobles, or to have detailed knowledge of Seelie-related magical lore.
Compel to have enemies in the magical realms, cause trouble in the mortal world due to her disappearance and missing-person status, go along with any and all “requests” from the Summer Lady or her Knight.

A4: Soul Searching
Faelyn first met Harry Dresden when he visited the Summer Court to pay his respects to the new Lady, just after she became Lily’s student. Curious as always, she approached him after the formalities were done. They quickly found common interests in faerie lore and the foibles of humanity. Observing this, Lily asked Harry if he could take Faelyn back to the mortal world for a short while, offering her services on one of his cases. The pair spent two weeks tracking down a demon-summoning sorceror, one who brought forth spirits called loa to subtly possess and influence those around him. From Faelyn, Harry learned a great deal about the history and practices of voodoo, and certain techniques to recognize stress and outside influence in human behaviour. From Harry, Faelyn learned how to read crime scenes, discreetly ask questions and gather information from underworld types, how to shadow, tail, track, and generally be sneaky around people, and a bit about straight up fire-blasting destructive magic.
Invoke to investigate and gather information like a PI, stealthily track or tail others, use direct and powerful destructive magic.
Compel to get cocky about her stealth and investigation skills, jump to false conclusions or run with incomplete information, use big flashy magic without considering consequences.



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