A quarter ton of perpetually pissed-off orc.


Current FP 1
Refresh 1

P O O O O (O O O O)

Mild -2:
Moderate -4:
Severe -6:

Venomous Claws -3: Weapon:2 when used with Fists.
Inhuman Strength -2: +3 Might when lifting inanimate objects. +1 Might when grappling, and you may make a 2-stress hit when grappling as a supplemental action. Using Might to modify other skills always yields +1. +2 to all damage based on your strength, e.g. melee and thrown weapons.
Supernatural Toughness -1 (Cold Iron Catch): Armour:2 against physical attacks. 4 extra physical stress boxes.
Supernatural Recovery -1 (Cold Iron Catch): Automatically heal any consequences given enough time. Recover from consequences as if they were one level lower. Endurance never restricts your other actions. Once per scene, clear a mild physical consequence as a supplemental action.

Redirected Force -1 (Fists): On a successful melee defense using Fists, you may sacrifice your next action to apply a temporary aspect to your attacker, as if with a successful maneuver.

+5: Fists
+4: Endurance, Might
+3: Athletics, Intimidation
+2: Alertness, Conviction, Discipline
+1: Craftsmanship, Presence, Rapport, Stealth, Survival

Other Stuff
Crystal splint mail – Armor:3 but extremely conspicuous



High Concept: Massive Orcish Enforcer
Eight feet tall. At least five hundred pounds. Shoulders five feet across, thighs like Roman columns, and a chin you could break bricks on (which has happened). Fozhug has a few distinct advantages in life, but his intellect and social skills aren’t among them.
Invoke to brute force just about anything
Compel to stand out in the crowd, be the obvious kill-first target, cause suspicion or be perceived as a threat

Trouble: Living Breathing Stereotype
Fozhug is pretty much the archetypal Orc. Big, green, kinda funky-smelling, and extremely deadly. But in fitting the stereotype he gives others a distinct advantage in predicting his own actions.
Invoke to intimidate others, defend allies, socialize with orcs or authority figures
Compel to miss any bit of subtlety, be dumb or slow, willingly follow any self proclaimed leader, offend others

Crazy Baldhead
Orcish childhood is nasty, brutish, and often short. Brute strength and capacity for untempered violence are the two most important traits. Fozhug was at the top of his class in both.
Invoke to hit first and make it a hard one, use threat of violence to positive effect
Compel to attack with slight to no provocation, be perceived as a thug and a nutjob

Steppin’ Razor
As a young orc-man Fozhug was brought into the ranks of a nobleman’s personal army. Things were slightly more controlled there, if no less violent. He learned not to attack friends, how to take orders quickly, and a bit of skill in the fields of ditch-digging and wall-building and the like.
Invoke to fight in coordination with teammates, create minor fortifications, follow orders
Compel to fail to act without orders, act confusedly when alone

All Wi Doin Is Defendin
Having proven his worth in the army Fozhug rose to the ranks of the noble’s personal guard. Here he increased his discipline and learned special teamwork tactics in the defense of others.
Invoke to take a hit to save an ally, block enemies from attacking an ally, defend against mental attacks
Compel to take a hit to save an ally, fail to attack when the opportunity presents itself

War Inna Babylon with Coda
During a “minor disagreement” between warring Faerie factions, Fozhug found himself drafted into a group led by Coda, who was an ally of his own commander. The group was initially very fractious and more than a few were lost to infighting. Fozhug stepped in and established order with an iron fist, earning Coda’s respect. Their group was instrumental in winning the war.
Invoke to quell disagreements between allies, lead small groups in battle
Compel to force his own will or opinion on allies, come across old enemies

Dreamland with Holly
Holly and Fozhug met when Fozhug was accused of killing a Faerie noblewoman, though Holly had witnessed the real murderer in the act. Holly took control of the situation, filling Fozhug’s head with illusions to force him to act right. Under Holly’s lead Fozhug gathered evidence and witness to the real crime, and finally dragged the real criminal literally into the middle of the Summer Court with the evidence in hand.
Invoke to recognize illusions or mental invasions
Compel to be dominated by mental attackers


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