Hollyhock Albedo Rhodium Wrasse Sirocco ("Holly")

Eight inches tall with a distinct blue glow, when you can see him at all.


Current FP 1
Refresh 1


Mild -2:
Moderate -4:
Severe -6:

Wings -1: You can fly using Athletics.
Diminuitive Size -1: +4 Stealth to hide yourself. +2 on Alertness or Investigation to notice small details. Maximum of 2 physical stress boxes. Might is at -2 or -4 when used on human-scale objects, or may not be used at all in some cases. Against larger creatures you deal a max of 1 stress with physical attacks. +1 Athletics when dodging.
Greater Glamours -4: (Veils) You can veil over an area up to the size of a handful of people or a small car at +2, or the size of an entire zone at +0. The veil is based on Deceit or Discipline and prevents detection of anything within. (Seemings) You can make something or someone appear different, and use Deceit or Discipline at +2 to resist attempts to disbelieve your illusion. (True Seemings) You can create an object or possibly even a creature out of ectoplasm. You can have only one True Seeming at a time. True Seemings are real objects so they can’t be disbelieved, although they can be sensed as magical constructs.
Cloak of Shadows -1: Perception isn’t affected by darkness. +2 Stealth in dark or shadowy conditions.

Pin the Tail -1 (Stealth): +2 Investigation when on surveillance. +1 Stealth when shadowing a target.

+4: Athletics, Discipline
+3: Investigation, Stealth, Weapons
+2: Alertness, Burglary, Deceit, Empathy
+1: Contacts, Conviction, Lore, Presence, Resources

Other Stuff
Troll-tooth long blade – Weapon:2
Embossed rat-leather jumpsuit – Armor:1
Crystal throwing darts – Weapon:1



High Concept: Spritely Observer
Holly’s main purpose in life seems to be spying on major events, getting into places that others assume can’t be infiltrated, and generally being a fly on the wall for just about every important happening in Faerie and occasionally the mortal world.
Invoke to
Compel to

Trouble: 98-Gram Weakling
Even for a sprite Holly isn’t the toughest or meanest guy around. He’s become very adept at dodging incoming attacks, because he’s extremely bad at taking them.
Invoke to dodge attacks with major consequences
Compel to get hit hard, heal slowly, have limited physical strength

Wonderbolts Precision Flying Squad
Holly has always loved to fly. He would fly with friends, with bird and insects, with bats at night. As he grew older he joined groups of flyers to perform and entertain others.
Invoke to fly with precision aerobatics, move and act effectively with teammates
Compel to be flying at every opportunity,

Swarm of the Century
Pixies band together for protection and information. Holly made close friends with dozens of other small fae, passing along gossip, defending each other when necessary.
Invoke to get information or gossip from the grapevine, call up dozens of pixie-sized allies, make friends with small animals or birds
Compel to get favours called in by other pixies, be afraid of acting alone


Invoke to
Compel to

The Element of Loyalty with Fozhug
Invoke to
Compel to

Luna Nobis Custodit with Coda
Invoke to
Compel to

Hollyhock Albedo Rhodium Wrasse Sirocco ("Holly")

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