John Crichton

Explorer, psychonaut, and sorceror.


Current FP 2
Refresh 2

P 0 × 0
M x x 0 0
S 0 0 0

Mild -2:concusion
Moderate -4:
Severe -6: major loss of circulation, one arm& 1 leg useless(marc slowly healing this)

Evocation (Fire, Earth, Spirit, 1 Earth power) -3: Use evocation. Bonus to Earth power. +2 focus slots.
Thaumaturgy (
1 Divination complexity) -3: Use thaumaturgy. Bonus to Divination complexity. +2 focus slots.

Best Foot Forward (Rapport): +2 Rapport when making a first impression.

(2) Leather vest – +1 power and +1 control for Earth evocations
(1) Silver necklace – +1 complexity for divinations
(1) “Winona,” enchanted pistol – +3 Guns, 3 uses per session

Firestorm (Fire) – Weapon:3 attack versus Endurance against all targets in a zone. Costs two mental stress.
Gravity Shield (Earth, requires vest) – +3 block against incoming physical attacks for 3 exchanges. Costs one mental stress.
Maze (Spirit) – 3-shift maneuver vs Discipline to apply “Tripping Balls” to target for 2 exchanges. Costs one mental stress.

+5: Guns,
+4: Conviction, Discipline
+3: Athletics, Lore, Rapport
+2: Alertness, Scholarship, Endurance
+1: Craftsmanship, Presence, Driving, Stealth

Other Stuff
Winona, 1911-pattern Colt Combat Commander in 9mm – Weapon:2
Kevlar undergarments & medieval chain mail/leather – Armor: 1 + 1
2 crossbows and lots of bolts, a leather pouch of oiled strings
No payment from Mark, he was just too curious.
Knights: B the Marshall(right of throne/king), Lancelot, Kay,
Merlin on left of throne/king
butler: lukin
squire: griflit
simian:armorer in medival
I have pet dog/boar/thing from summer court named Yogi Bora.
Rigel strikes bargain with “summer pussy” game hunters to get us an in with someone high up in summer fairy court.
wants to become full wizard but hasn’t faced up to it yet. has faced up to it to himself after some interest from Molly, his interest in Molly, and the opportunity offered secretly in front of Peabody by Arthur Langley, the current “The Merlin”.
shared a mostly innocent hot tub session with Molly and noticed her stealthy neck stab/decapitation of black lightning evil dude.
accepted Langley’s task to tag along with knights of round table and seek out the holy grail. given an old copy of “la mort d’arthur” by Langley which tells the story of 3 knights seeing and not reaching/reaching/drinking from the grail respectively.
now carrying: general purpose med kit with green clay jar(containing enchanted poultice for rapid heal x 1), 2 frag grenades, armor (enchanted leather suit w/fire protection armor +1 and permanently fire proof), iron tipped bullets x lots.
how are they controlling stonehenge/summer army?
what are they doing there? Any information to be gleaned from the magic witnessed?
how can we gain more control over the situation?


High Concept: Explorer of the Final Frontiers
John thrives on the exploration of the unknown. His first love is space and the stars, but he’s also studied physics, philosophy, the Nevernever, the Outer Gates, and the darkest reaches of the human mind. Every new discovery seems to teach him something new about himself and the world he lives in.
Invoke to have reliable information about rare or poorly-studied subjects, keep his cool when facing down the Elder Gods or other maddening visions.
Compel to trigger his wanderlust and insatiable curiosity, force him to take big risks for big payoffs rather than settle for the sure thing.

Trouble: Accidental Voyager
Still, the farther he goes, the farther he is from the world he knows. He’s become comfortable in truly unfamiliar situations. That said, whenever he opens an unmarked door, there’s something truly alien waiting to greet him, and every new challenge is greater than the last.
Invoke to be always prepared when traveling, fit into unfamiliar situations, take charge in emergencies.
Compel to have the truly unexpected happen, go far afield or start a wild goose chase.

Alas, Babylon
Born into a US Air Force family, by his eighteenth birthday John had lived in fourteen states, nine other countries, and spent eight months in international waters. He rapidly grew accustomed to making new friends since he couldn’t keep around any old ones. As he realized his growing talent, he forced it into dormancy, for fear that it would separate him from his family, the only real connections he’d ever made.
Invoke to quickly make social connections, know geography or history, have experience in vehicle operation (driving, sailing, flying).
Compel to keep secrets that might distance friends, choose a non-magical solution over a magical one.

Faraway Starscapes
The stress of keeping his magic in check caught up to John when he moved off to college. He attended Caltech for about a week. Reports can’t agree on the details, but they involved strange night lights over the campus, a green explosion in one of the labs at the JPL, and the discovery of John apparently talking to ghosts, or spirits, or just himself, in the ruins of a prototype pulsed inductive thruster. He likely would’ve gone to prison, on top of being expelled, if the Council hadn’t come for him. He spent the next decade or so moving in the hidden social circles of wizards, studying the stars and the forces of nature, with a particular interest in the boundaries between true magic and the laws of physics.
Invoke to hex the shit out of unwanted machinery, know the lore of the stars and natural forces, know cosmos- or particle-scale physics.
Compel to hex the shit out of wanted machinery, be known as a wizard by supernatural baddies.

One Small Step…
While researching John stumbled across the formulae for a teleportation spell, in a book that seemingly hadn’t been used for centuries. He gathered all his materials and attempted to cast it on a small white mouse only to be sucked into the spell and thrown out in a foreign country, and not only that, as he quickly learned, but an entirely different timeline.
Invoke to use complex force-based rituals, read difficult grimoires or spell formulae
Compel to tinker with forces unknown or beyond his ability, mis-remember important events due to timeline shift, get homesick

Dislikes Liars, Cheats, and Frauds with D’Argo
Killed a dirty cop.
Invoke to
Compel to

Keep Calm and Carry On with Aeryn

Invoke to
Compel to

John Crichton

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