Ka D'Argo

Were-bear berzerker with a surprisingly long fuse.


Current FP 5
Refresh 2

P O O O x (O O)

Mild -2:
Extra Mild Physical -2:
Moderate -4:
Severe -6:

Beast Change -1: Shift at will.
Echoes of the Beast -1: You may track by scent at +1 Survival and your sense of smell is +1 Alertness. You can assess bears.
Human Form +1: When you’re not a bear, you’re a dude.
Inhuman Strength -2: +3 Might to lift or push objects. +1 Might when grappling. Using Might to modify other skills always yields +1. Add +2 damage to Fists, Weapons, grappling, and other attacks using muscular force.
Inhuman Toughness (Seelie Magic Catch) -1: +2 Physical stress boxes, Physical Armor: 1.
Inhuman Recovery (Seelie Magic Catch) -1: Once per scene, clear a Mild Physical consequence as a supplemental action. Treat all physical consequences as one level lower. You need no justification to start healing physical consequences. Endurance never restricts your skill use. Skip one night of sleep with no repercussions.

No Pain, No Gain (Endurance): Take an extra Mild Physical consequence.
Giant Swing: take -2 to hit everyone in zone, max weapon 1.

Physical Armor: 1
Leather Armor Suit (Enchanted): 1 (Fire Proof)

a handful of copper and silver

+4: Athletics, Weapons
+3: Might, Fists, Alertness
+2: Craftsmanship, Endurance, Presence, Intimidation
+1: Conviction, Discipline, Empathy, Rapport, Survival, Stealth

+6: Fists
+5: Might
+4: Endurance
+3: Alertness, Intimidation
+2: Athletics, Survival, Weapons (added then swapped with conviction, might change back later)
+1: Discipline, Empathy, Presence, Conviction

Have one skill pt to add to each human/bear

Other Stuff
Claymore: 3
Cast Iron Blacksmith Hammer: 2
Iron Mace: 2
Longbow: 1
Arrows (48) w/ broad head iron tips: 1
Frag Grenades (0):

Trenching Tool
Medkit w/green clay jar with healing poultice (2 uses)

Payment from Mark: information / help regarding Jeffrey’s fate and current location


High Concept: Ursine Peacekeeper
D’Argo’s motto is “peace through superior strength.” He does not rush into battle without considering other options, nor is he a bully or a tyrant, but when angered he’s terrifying. When he fights, he fights to defend himself or his friends, making him even more dangerous. He’s incredibly strong, patient, and determined.
Invoke to intimidate others to prevent violence, refuse to be provoked.
Compel to fail to act quickly, jump into the fray to defend others.

Trouble: When All You Have is a Hammer
D’Argo has some skill as a builder and survivalist, but his strength is far and away his greatest asset. When you’re that kind of strong, it becomes the easiest way to deal with most problems. He doesn’t act without considering his options, but his favourite option is usually the one that involves brute force. People usually go along with this. It’s hard to say no to a six-four claymore-wielding giant, and even harder to say no to an angry brown bear.
Invoke to prevail through might or strength.
Compel to choose force over subtlety or skill.

A Solitary Hunter
D’Argo was mostly a loner, growing up in the Adirondack woods with only his father for company. He learned most of his woodworking, mechanical, and survival skills from his father. He was 12 when his father died, but it didn’t change much – he still lived alone, in the woods, in the house his father had built.
Invoke to use a woodsman’s skills at hunting or tracking, work with wood or machines, act or fight alone.
Compel to refuse assistance or go off alone, be wary of new friends or allies.

Bonds of Blood
While on one of his infrequent trips to Plattsburgh, D’Argo met a woman named Lola, and the two fell for each other immediately. Lola was everything he wasn’t – small, elegant, well-spoken, social, and beautiful. She moved out to the woods with him, in a newly-renovated home to which he had added modern conveniences like electricity and telephones. Within the year the two had a son, Jeffrey. Also within that year, D’Argo took the big leap and revealed his true nature to Lola. She accepted him without question, strengthening the bonds between them, and even went so far as to hope that Jeffrey would have his father’s talents.
Invoke to fiercely defend true friends.
Compel to give in to friends’ needs or demands, keep acquaintances at arm’s length.

While Jeffrey only a few years old, groups of poachers began moving through the family’s land on their illegal hunts. D’Argo did his best to drive them away but there were too many for him to deal with alone. Lola wanted to call in the police, but he refused, of course. After a few skirmishes, a group of poachers raided D’Argo’s home in the middle of the night. He doesn’t remember much from that night. He woke up at the sound of splintering doors and cocking guns. Then, a big blank spot. When he woke up, he found eight dead poachers – and the body of his wife, her throat cut. There was no sign at all of his son. He still blames himself for her death, not knowing whether it was at his own hands. And he still searches for Jeffrey.
Invoke to go into a hyper-rage to fight when outnumbered or support / defend a true friend.
Compel to rage out and attack allies, refuse help from authorities, become paralyzed at the thought of losing a friend, drop everything at a possible clue to Jeffrey’s fate.

Take A Bullet
Worked with John on bringing down a dirty cop. In the final confrontation, Ka dove in front of John during a firefight and took a bullet for him.

Dove in front of an arrow headed toward Aeryn that would have knocked her out of action, taking the pain and damage to himself instead.

Invoke to dive headfirst into life threatening danger to protect friend
Compel to make himself a human shield when he most likely would feel some pain

Easily Manipulated
Rygel was having some problems with eco-terrorists bothering some property he owned out in the wilderness. His land bordered on where Ka D’Argo’s cabin was and Rygel contacted D’Argo. He spun him a story about how if these people that were trashing his land weren’t taken care of sooner rather then later, then they might very well start moving into D’Argo’s land, and he has a mighty fine house there that he wouldn’t want disturbed. D’Argo took it upon himself to observe, trap, and have arrested the people trespassing on his neighbor’s land
Invoke to naively be manipulated by more “worldly” people, take things at face value.
Compel to ignore common sense and follow blindly when told something.

“You have the right to Bear Arms”

Ka D'Argo

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