Dominar Rygel XVI

Winter Faerie, stripped of his power and position.


Current FP 5
Refresh 1


Mild -2:
Moderate -4:
Severe -6:

Marked by Power -1: +1 to all social skills when dealing with others in the magical community. Other magical creatures can immediately see your affiliation with Winter.
Item of Power -1 (Scepter, grants Incite Fear – At Range – Lasting Emotion): Roll Deceit to attack versus Discipline. Deals Mental stress at Weapon:2. You may also maneuver or block at +2.
Glamours -2: Illusion magics. Can create Minor Veils, to prevent detection of a small group of people or area up to the size of a small car, and Seemings, which can change the appearance of persons/objects. These are based on either Deceit or Discipline.

Honest Lies (Deceit): +2 Deceit when your lies are partially true.
Teflon Persona (Presence): Social Armor:1 if your opponents know who you are.
Hand Eye Coordination (Guns): Use Guns when throwing objects.
Filthy Lucre (Resources): +2 Resources when spending for illicit purposes.

+4: Rapport, Presence
+3: Contacts, Guns, Resources
+2: Conviction, Deceit, Discipline, Empathy, Lore
+1: Alertness, Athletics, Endurance, Performance, Scholarship

Other Stuff
Ruger Blackhawk single-action revolver in .357 Magnum Weapon:2
Leather and crystal armor Armor:1
Boiled leather cuirass, greaves Armor:2
Wooden crossbow Weapon:1
AR-15 assault rifle Weapon:2

Payment from Mark: the White Council will call an audience with Queen Mab on Rygel’s behalf and inquire as to how he can rejoin the Winter Court.


High Concept: Winter Lord-in-Exile
Born a lord of Winter, Rygel has all of the cool grace associated with the Winter nobility, though he’s freer with his emotions than most. Though he has since become estranged from the Queens of Winter he still possesses considerable knowledge and skill, as well as an item of great power he squirreled away in an emergency stash. Those familiar with the sidhe and the Winter Court might know him and will certainly know his bloodline. He still commands respect among the fae.
Invoke to be socially graceful, capitalize on noble birth or Winter association.
Compel to be negatively associated with Winter, talk when he should be fighting.

Trouble: In Questionable Graces
Rygel is a Lord of Winter by blood, but one cast out of the court. His status is still uncertain. The Queens have punished him, but not killed him; they have revoked his sponsorship, but not forbidden him to speak to his family or ask favours from other Unseelie faeries. The terms of his exile are unclear. There may even be a way for him to impress Mab and win back his title. Until then, he’d best step lightly.
Invoke to call on minor Winter allies or resources, interact with faeries or wizards positively.
Compel to be refused or attacked by Winter associates, interact with faeries or wizards negatively, act to benefit Winter.

Fuck Silver, My Spoons are Platinum
As the heir apparent to a branch of Winter with considerable presence in the mortal world, Rygel was rich. Really rich. Not just hookers-and-blow rich, mansion-with-live-in-servants rich. He has all of the personality that this sort of upbringing creates. He’s masterfully elegant as a public speaker and moves through circles of his peers like the wind, all while knowing which fork is for the lobster and which for the pat. He treats his lessers like dogs at best and machines at worst and rarely hesitates to put a boot up the backside of a particularly slow servant.
Invoke to be rich and have great resources, interact comfortably with nobility and authority.
Compel to mistreat lesser persons or creatures, be oblivious to common sense or basic survival skills

All I Survey
As he grew in power Rygel became increasingly avaricious and self-absorbed. For decades he was at the center of countless power plays and bits of intrigue. His stature in the Court continued to increase, even as his peers became more and more suspicious of his role in distasteful events. He slipped once; a servant-spy ordered to poison the food of a rival lord was caught by the lord’s bodyguards and interrogated. That incident earned him a personal reprimand and warning from Maeve, the Winter Lady. But even then he continued to build his network of informants, spies, thieves, and the occasional assassin.
Invoke to call on spies, assassins, and other underworld denizens, manipulate events, act stealthily.
Compel to get caught rigging events, be hated or hunted by authority figures.

My Hundred Days
After the poison incident Rygel knew he’d painted a target on his back. He couldn’t keep himself from the court intrigue, but he began to liquidate some of his assets and create caches of wealth and safe houses in the mortal world. It took a big chunk of his cash, but he even managed to move an item of power across the barrier a scepter with the power to control emotions. He’d only managed to get a small fraction of his wealth hidden away before one of the Winter ladies was killed, destroyed by an assassin. The assassin was captured and tortured. When he broke he gave them Rygel’s name. Framed for one of the few crimes he didn’t commit, Mab exiled him from Winter and revoked his magical sponsorship. Rygel later learned that Mab would’ve killed him but Mother Winter intervened. Her doubts about Rygel’s actual involvement caused her to recommend exile instead. Rygel found himself stranded in the mortal world.
Invoke to call up caches of hidden wealth or supplies, find safe houses or hideouts, be protected from disaster by the hand of Mother Winter.
Compel to be framed for others’ crimes, be called on to return Mother Winter’s favours.

Aspect 4

Invoke to
Compel to

Aspect 5

Invoke to
Compel to

Dominar Rygel XVI

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