Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

Mad priestess of the Church of Life.


Current FP 1
Refresh 1


Mild -2:
Moderate -4:
Severe -6:

Bless This House -1: Your presence increases the threshold of your location by +2, if your Conviction is higher than the natural threshold.
Guide My Hand -1: With a few moments to meditate, use Conviction instead of any other skill for one roll. You may not use this to maneuver or attack. You may stage a fortuitous arrival without spending a fate point (if the GM agrees).
Channeling (Life) -2: Use evocation limited to the element of life. +1 focus slot.
Ritual (Biomancy) -2: Use thaumaturgy limited to the element of life. +1 focus slot.

Devout Words (Conviction): Use Conviction to perform blocks in combat.

(1) Woven reed bracelet: 1 frequency when creating enchanted items
(1) Potion slot 1: (
3 effect, 1+1 uses)
Potion slot 2: (3 effect, 11 uses)

Catabolize (Life) Uncheck one physical stress box up to stress 2 from target. Costs one mental stress.
Empathic Support (Life) Uncheck one mental stress box up to stress 2 from target. Costs one mental stress.
Apoptosis (Life) Weapon:4 attack versus Endurance against one target. Costs one mental stress.
(Note: for healing spells, uncheck only one box, maximum stress value of shifts/2, round down)

+5: Conviction
+4: Discipline, Empathy
+3: Presence, Lore
+2: Athletics, Fists, Rapport
+1: Alertness, Deceit, Endurance, Performance, Scholarship

Other Stuff
Leather and ironwood armor Armor:1

none yet


HC: Priestess of the Natural Order
Zhaan is a high priestess of the esoteric Church of Life, who could best be described as Druidic naturalists crossed with the mentalist tenets of Zen Buddhism, with a few dashes of Aleister Crowley’s OTO and topped off with Musashi’s Five Rings. She believes firmly in the cycle of life and death. Each being has their role and will someday die, to be replaced by some other being. The priestesses enforce the ways of nature, while fiercely defending their allies and culling the herds of predators and enslavers.
Invoke to defend the natural way or status quo, control her emotions, attack the unnatural or a purposeless aggressor.
Compel to defend the natural way or status quo, follow theological doctrine or authority.

TR: Anarchic Mind
Zhaan is… Okay, let’s put this bluntly: Zhaan is crazy. Stark raving bonkers. She killed her lover, who had betrayed her and her whole race, mid-coitus. She rejoined her Church during a long stint in the looney bin and their mental discipline has helped her put her shattered mind back together. Still, when pressured or under any influence that would cause her discipline to slip, she’s dangerous. Woe betide any who force her darker side to emerge.
Invoke to keep a calm mind, suppress emotions, act normal or misrepresent her feelings.
Compel to be insecure, have a psychotic break, act violently and chaotically when greatly provoked.

A1: Deep Roots, Tall Shoots
Zhaan was born in a commune ruled by a peaceful and rather republican theocracy. She studied under one of the ruling priests, learning the Church’s teachings and how to serve the world as a whole and keep it safe. She also learned much of biochemistry and herbalism, which were a part of the holy healers’ responsibilities.
Invoke to call on the resources of the Church and its followers, be an accomplished herbalist or biochemist.
Compel to follow Church doctrine, defend mortals and normal people from supernatural influence.

A2: Like Falling Leaves
As was the way of the Church, it came time for the ruling priests to hand down their power to the next generation. However, this group of priests, including Zhaan’s mentor-lover, refused to do so. They hired mercenaries from neighboring areas and brought the commune under martial law. Zhaan’s own family was imprisoned and swiftly executed as dissident, and she only spared by personal pardon. Horrified, she hid all of her emotions as best she could. When the priest next came to her bed, she went along with everything, straddling him as they fucked, until she wrapped her hands around his neck and choked the life out of him. Then she fled the commune and was picked up many miles away, half naked and gibbering mad.
Invoke to seduce or influence others, fight authority.
Compel to freak out, attack betrayers ferociously, have flashbacks or run away from similar betrayals.

A3: Personal Growth Through Meditation
Zhaan spent the next decade in a mental institution. For years she was completely absent, alternately quiet and shrieking. Finally, using the mental techniques she had learned from the Church, she began to re-wire her own mind into an orderly machine. Over many years she rebuilt her own psyche. She asked for books and eventually personal visits from Church teachers (who were not a part of her commune) and from them learned the strict discipline needed to keep herself sane. By the time she was released, she was a master of these disciplines, as good as any guru or roshi.
Invoke to control her emotions, manipulate others, endure pain or torture, support others empathically.
Compel to be taken for insane by others, rigidly follow Church leaders.


Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

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