Boston in Summer

Episode Zero

PCs are taking in a game at Fenway when approached by a stranger. He pulls Crichton aside and introduces himself as Mark, Boston’s chief (and currently only) Warden. He sends Crichton back to the group with a job offer. Most of the group agrees; the rich-as-hell Rygel holds out. Aeryn tries to convince him, but only gets a shattered self-image for her troubles. The game ends (Yankees win 12-9) and the group heads for the bar where Mark will be. Rygel comes along out of boredom.

They meet Mark at a harbor bar. He lays out the trouble: the Wardens are stretched too thin due to the war with the Red Court and he needs some hired hands. A string of a half-dozen recent murders look suspicious. He hands the group a folder with dossiers. They negotiate payment; information, goods, or in Crichton’s case just curiosity.

The PCs check out the folder. The victims are split across demographics: gender, age, social standing, occupation, time of day. They all look ripped open by something moderately sharp. But on a deeper inspection, they’ve all had some major life event recently. Proposals, breakups, dead pets, promotions, and the like.


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