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Thoughts on Force Multipliers for the Coming Battles

Siege weapons?

Chemical agents – mushrooms etc.?

Iron weapons?

PC Aspects and Consequences

A – Fiery Freedom Fighter, Soldier First Person Second, Not So Few Still Proud, Army Strong, Conscientious Objector, Bullies Suck!, Burned By the Ones You Love
A – Mild (Bloody Nose) Moderate Severe
A – FP 2

C – Explorer of the Final Frontiers, Accidental Voyager, Alas Babylon, Faraway Starscapes, One Small Step, Dislikes Liars Cheats and Frauds, Keep Calm and Carry On
C – Mild (Concussion) Moderate Severe (Loss of Circulation)
C – FP 0

D – Ursine Peacekeeper, When All You Have is a Hammer, A Solitary Hunter, Bonds of Blood, Berzerker, Take a Bullet, Easily Manipulated
D – Mild PMild Moderate Severe
D – FP 6

R – Winter Lord in Exile, In Questionable Graces, Fuck Silver My Spoons are Platinum, All I Survey, My Hundred Days, A4, A5
R – Mild Moderate Severe ???
R – FP 5

Power Groups in the Dresden Universe

Human Powers
White Council (Edinburgh), Knights of the Cross, Fellowship of St. Giles, Venatori Umbrorum, The Archive, (Black Council)

White Court, Red Court, Black Court, Jade Court

Summer, Winter, Wyld (three queens of each Court)

Shapeshifters (local groups)

Angelic Powers
Archangels, Fallen Angels / Order of the Blackened Denarius

Demons and the Nevernever


Outer Gates and the Outsiders

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