Carrick Donovan

A hexenwulf who's in way over his head.


HC: Court-Martialed Marine Gunnery Sergeant
TR: Ends Always Justify
Good Irish Catholic Boy
Oorah Devil Dogs
Purple Heart, Broken Heart
A Whole New World
Increasingly Lupine

Tough Stuff (Endurance, Armor:1 against blunt attacks, stacks with other armor)
Armed Arts (Fists, use Fists with batons or knives)
Redirected Force (Fists, on successful melee defense, sacrifice next action to make auto-successful maneuver against attacker)
You Don’t Want Any Of This (Intimidation, +2 to brush-off)
Wrestler (Might, +1 to maintain grapple)

+4 Endurance
+3 Athletics, Fists, Guns
+2 Alertness, Discipline, Might, Stealth, Survival
+1 Conviction, Deceit, Driving, Intimidation, Presence
Phys o o o o
Ment o o o
Soc o o o

Beast Change (anthro-wolf)
Demonic Co-Pilot (+1 on any roll the demon supports, roll Discipline against result as a mental attack)
Supernatural Toughness (Catch: Silver, +4 Phys Stress, Armor:2)
Inhuman Recovery (unrestricted by Endurance, clear mild consequence as supplemental action 1/scene)
Claws (Weapon:2)

+6 Endurance
+5 Alertness
+4 Athletics, Fists
+3 Intimidation, Might, Survival
+2 Burglary, Discipline, Stealth
+1 Conviction, Empathy, Presence, Rapport
Phys o o o o (o o o o) +1 Mild, Armor:2
Ment o o o o
Soc o o o


He dead now.

Carrick Donovan

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